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MAY,  13 | RLCC |

A Message From Miguel

MEN, now is the time to heed the call—to rise up, not just for a moment, not for a fleeting season, but for the entirety of our lives. God’s commitment to us is unwavering, steadfast, and eternal. In an era where commitments are often treated lightly and promises easily forgotten, we must anchor ourselves in His unshakeable faithfulness. He promises to journey alongside us, never abandoning nor forsaking us as we navigate the tumultuous seas of life. He equips us with His Word, empowers us with His Spirit, and strengthens us through the camaraderie of our fellow brothers.

I encourage you to get ready to lean in and hear what God is saying, and your true calling with urgency and determination. Now is not the time for complacency or hesitation. It is a time for boldness, for stepping out in faith like never before. The journey ahead may be daunting, but with God by our side and our brothers standing shoulder to shoulder, we can conquer any obstacle that lies in our path.

At Restoration Life, we understand the vital importance of fellowship with other men of God. In their company, we find support, accountability, and the encouragement needed to press forward. Together, as a band of brothers, let’s embrace our walk in faith with fervor and resolve, united in our purpose to live out our faith boldly and authentically. The time for action is now.

– Miguel Ramos

Director of Men’s Ministry

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