Children are an incredibly important part of the RL family, and we have an opportunity to present Jesus to them at this crucial stage of life. Children need to know that Jesus' love and guidance is available to them now! For more info, please contact our Kids Life Director, Elizabeth Gonzalez.

KidzLife Classes

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2 Months – 1 Year 11 months

Learning Focus:  Love | Security | Safety

Curriculum Style:   Play | Worship


2 Years – 3 Year 11 Months

Learning Focus: God made the world | There Is One Only God | God loves you

Curriculum Style:   Circle time | Play | Worship


4 Years – Kindergarten

Learning Focus:    Who Is God? | Knowing His Attributes | Power of Prayer

Curriculum Style:   Hands-on | Multi-media | Arts and crafts | Play

1 – 2 Grade

Learning Focus:   Who Is Jesus | Sin & Redemptive Plan  Bible facts | Bible is the true and living Word of God | Bible is the book of life (Our instruction book) | Worship

Curriculum Style:    Multi-media | Active engagement | Games | Arts and crafts | Fellowship

3 – 5 Grade

Learning Focus:   Accepting Christ as Lord and Savior (Salvation) Communion | Identity In Christ | Life Application of The Bible

Curriculum Style:    Active engagement | Sharing | Reading the Bible | Games | Challenges | Fellowship

Bible Club

4 Years – 5th Grade

Learning Focus: Prayer | Worship | Books of Bible | Identity in Christ | Commandments | Salvation | Communion


Elizabeth Gonzalez

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