JOIN US, in our fast and prayer

*If for any reason you cannot participate in a full water fast we still encourage you to give up something sacrificial for the 3 days, whether it’s only meat, social media, or watching tv.*We are going FULL ON WATER FAST!*


We believe that prayer and fasting is one of the major keys to living successfully as a believer. As we pray and fast for the will of God to be done, we can expect to reap the benefits and promises that our obedience to His word produces. Such as doors opening, miraculous provision, favor, healing and supernatural breakthrough!





We invite you to worship through your fast! We will be hosting back to back worship nights on campus as we come together for a corporate prayer



Wednesday Night & Dream Team – 7:30pm

Thursday Night – 7:30pm

Friday Night – 7:30pm



We can’t wait to see you!