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Expand your biblical knowledge! RLU is offering two Christian education courses. See the course schedules listed below.

Discipleship Program<br>Mitch Maciel<br> Wednesdays 7pm
Discipleship Program
Mitch Maciel
Wednesdays 7pm

This 10 week series will equip and strengthen the believer by deepening the understanding of the essential doctrines and practices of the Christian Faith. This series is a prerequisite to DNA Leadership Class.

Session 01: The Bible
Session 02: Mankind
Session 03: The Trinity
Session 04: Jesus
Session 05: Faith
Session 06: Prayer
Session 07: Bible Study
Session 08: The Church
Session 09: Living as Lights

How to Study the Bible<br>Rob Gallardo<br>Thursdays 7:30pm
How to Study the Bible
Rob Gallardo
Thursdays 7:30pm

This 4 week series will equip the believer to deepen his or her understanding of Gods word through time tested methods of approaching the text the way it was intended to be read.

  • Session 01: The Interpretive Process
  • Session 02: Bridging the Historical Gap
  • Session 03: Bridging the Literary Gap
  • Session 04: Bridging the Contextual Gap

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